John Price III

Transformational Life Coach

Helping you channel your full potential

Hi, I’m John! I’m so glad you’re here and letting me introduce myself. I look forward to connecting with you!

My Story

I was raised in Central Oregon, brought up in a loving, low-income, conservative christian family. While I had an overall good childhood and youth, it was also challenging.  

Each of these things could have presented lsimitations for why I couldn’t achieve great things in my life: remote location, financial status, religious constraints, sexual orientation.  

Fast forward to today: I did not settle. I did not accept the limitations that stereotypically could have (should have?) have held me back. I found a partner who I was with for 24 years, traveled the world, worked for some prominent global technology companies, put myself through university earning a Master’s Degree in Marketing while working full-time (no loans!), have lived in multiple states, and currently am loving life in Chicago with my little chihuahua Mimi.  

 After doing all this, I’ve realized my real passion is helping other people who like me, want to break free from the chains of “should”; People who have open-hearts and spirits, knowing they are here to be more, to be challenged to rise up and own their life journey and just need a helper to get them there.  

My Values & Beliefs

We are beautifully and perfectly designed

 God, Universe, Divine Source (however you prefer to call the source of all things) does not make mistakes. We are perfectly imperfect and created in a way to bring the most color possible to an increasingly grey world. We all have strengths and weakness. We’ve done good things and things we aren’t so proud of. It isn’t good, it isn’t bad – it just is. This is our human experience, and I believe we need to embrace it and make the most of it. 

We choose if we want to live in a box, or live without it

We are constantly inundated from the moment we are born with what we should be, should be capable of and how we should do it; man, woman, wife, husband, business person, rich, doctor, successful, straight, God-fearing, flawless, and the list goes on, and on, and on. Boxes are meant to contain and store things, hide them away, or ship them elsewhere – they aren’t meant for US. We are more than the labels and expectations of others, and we decide what to accept. 

We can live life, or life can live us; we choose how to show up

Life moves on regardless if we want it to or not. We have a choice to proactively participate, or passively be swept away. Don’t get stuck on work out the details of the future, because the future never comes – it will alway be in the future, and we can’t predict it. Don’t fret about the past, because, well, it’s past and what’s done is done. Don’t keep looking backwards, because you’re not going that way. What we can do though, is know where we want to go what we want life to feel like, find our ultimate purpose, passion and vision for life and take action in that direction. Because, once this journey ends and our body expires…what will you want to feel? Regret for not living a fulfilled life, or joy at the legacy you’ve left behind by living to the fullest? 

My Approach

When we first meet, we’ll establish what goals you are looking to achieve, issues you want to work through and then work together to get you on the way. 

When signing up for the life coaching packages understand that because we are not machines, my approach will be to use multiple modalities such as breathwork, reiki, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness and more. I may also use concepts like Meyers-Briggs, Human Design, Strengths Finder, and Fascinate so we can gain some additional perspectives to consider during our time together. Some sessions may be breathwork and energy releases, some will be goal setting sessions, and some identifying and breaking through unhelpful beliefs and other sub-conscious blocks. These are your sessions, designed to help you accomplish your desired outcomes.

Just keep in mind, goals aren’t achieved and issues aren’t resolved by passively attending a session. Be prepared to show up, and show out even when not in session! You’re making the most important investment of life – IN YOURSELF!

I’m all in for you. I’m here for you. I want to see you shine like the amazing person I know you are.